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about Well-Loved

about Well-Loved

Hi there! My name is Adey, and this is my little corner of the fashion world. My love for sustainable fashion sprouted from thrift store perusing with my mom but blossomed when I put on my first vintage dress. At that moment, I vowed only to wear outfits that made me feel as much myself as that hot pink 80s puffy sleeve dress did. Several years and thrift stores later, Well-Loved kicked off as an idea to help myself and other women recognize their beauty and fullest self-expression through clothing. This journey of dressing to express has grown from a rack of vintage finds in my closet to an online community and shop full of finds and handmade pieces.

I hope Well-Loved encourages you to dress like you. That no matter how out there an outfit might feel, if it reflects what's inside, WEAR IT! You are a beautiful creation made for so much more than what you put on your body, so why not treat yourself like the work of art you are and curate a closet that makes you excited to get dressed! I'm glad you're here and along for this thrift store sifting, trouser-wearing, hot pink 80s dress ride!

You are Well-Loved! 

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