2 piece FROCK BOX

2 piece FROCK BOX


HOW EXCITING IS THIS! I cannot wait to dream up a wardrobe with you, and thrift my way to your perfect pieces! Before you purchase your Frock Box, there are a *few* details I want to make sure you know. 


🟠 This magical box will contain 2 clothing items styled into an outfit ready to hit the town! 


🟠 Once you purchase this product, I will email you a form. Once you fill out the form and answer any final questions, I will hit the thrift stores in search of adorable apparel that will make your beautiful personal style shine! This step can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks. I want to find the best pieces for you, which takes a tad longer than picking any ole thang. 


🟠 After all the thrifting, your items will be shipped to your door to be worn with confidence and joy! Along with your items will be a few outfit ideas for each piece to help you style them up the way you've always dreamed! 


I'm so excited to style you! 


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At Well-Loved we stand for uniqueness, sustainability, and the confidence to pull off what you put on. We believe all closets should look different and that trends don't exist, but they're great for inspiration. So, here’s to fun finds and always having something to wear! 

you are well-loved.

Knoxville, TN