Return Policy : All items are from well-loved fabrics. Any noticeable defects will be noted, and measurements are listed in the item information. Returns are not accepted.

Bonnie Denim Jacket

  • One-of-a-kind & handmade for the uniqueness in you

    quilt and denim turned patchwork style denim jacket


    SIZING in inches: bust: 32 // length: 24 // sleeve length: 22

    assymetric hem


    This collection is the outpouring of creativity from recycled fabrics through a slow and sustainable process with so much love. In my kitchen table workspace, each piece has travelled through several lives, under the needle of my sewing machine to be recreated for a beautiful new purpose. I hope each piece reminds you that you are a beautiful creation, ever changing into an even more beautiful version of yourself. You are Well-Loved!

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