*this jacket is customized to the details listed below. 2-4 week delivery window.*


FABRIC: in first photo


SIZING info in chart above



several options to cater to what what you love, ranging from cropped lengths at 17 & 19 inches to longer lengths of 24 & inches. 


Denim tones:

option 1: ONE-TONE is a base of one color of denim

option 2: TWO-TONE is a base of two colors of denim

*examples in photo 4


This jacket is fabricated from recycled denim and salvaged fabrics through a slow and sustainable process with so much love. In my kitchen table workspace, each piece has travelled through several lives, under the needle of my sewing machine to be recreated for a beautiful new purpose. I hope each piece reminds you that you are a beautiful creation, ever changing into an even more beautiful version of yourself. You are Well-Loved!


Message me on Instagram @well_loved_clothing or via email: hello@welllovedclothing.com with questions. 

custom Mabel jacket

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